Digital Twins for Bioprocessing

Diorama is a complete Process Design Suite specifically tailored for the Biotech industry, leveraging process design, monitoring and AI-powered modeling capabilities.

Daedalus: Process Design

Efficiency Engineered from the Start

Architect your processes for efficiency and performance from the get-go. Empower your teams with Daedalus, a robust, cloud-capable, real-time process designer built for the future.

Daedalus transforms concepts into reality. A comprehensive ally that confidently aids you in navigating the challenges of the biotech industry, the Diorama Platform provides engineers the tools that they need to turn ideas into tangible success, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Grounded in practicality, efficiency and interoperability, the Diorama Platform promises to address practical concerns of process engineering teams worldwide.

Argus: Realtime Process Monitoring

Constant Vigilance

Experience the freedom of real-time monioring, where critical aspects of your biotech operations lie at your fingertips. With Argus, Diorama's fully-fledged process monitoring platform, you gain unparalleled visibility into the heartbeat of your processes, enabling you to proactively shape outcomes of your bioprocesses.

Keeping the flexibility of our customers in mind, Diorama's Argus is compatible with a variety of DCS platforms, making it a versatile tool that effortlessly integrates into your process ecosystem.

The power of instantaneous data empowers you to make informed decisions, address anomalies and optimize your workflows on the fly.

Prometheus: Machine Learning-Aided Process Modelling

Mobilize your Process Data

Mobilize your datasets for process cognizance. In the complex landscape of modern biotech manufacturing, Prometheus emerges as a sophisticated ally, leveraging AI models to provide unparalleled forecasting ability and insights into your process flows, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

Prometheus is powered by a state-of-the-art neural engine, meticulously designed to identify patterns from historical data and make informed predictions about future outcomes. Complex fluid dynamics and sophisticated biological systems are no match for an AI model built to deconstruct process uncertainties.

Advance your teams' understanding of your processes, from process engineers to decision-makers, and let Prometheus propel your processes into a new era of efficiency, accuracy and foresight.

Reimagining Bioprocessing
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